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What are the Best Types of Desks for Your Office Well Being?

By November 30, 2020August 5th, 2022No Comments

An office desk job could pose more health risks than you think. Since the 1950s desk jobs have become the standard image of the American 9-5 workday in everyone’s minds. But with the trend came increased rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even some cancers. And with the number of desk jobs growing more than 80% since 1950, that’s a concerning issue. Fortunately, the type of desk you use can make a positive difference in your health. Whether you work at a cubicle or a corner window office, try these healthier options for a better work lifestyle.

1. Standing Desks

Recent studies are coming out that desks designed for standing may help reduce upper back pain, neck pain, and overall health. A standing desk can help reduce blood sugar spikes and even lose weight. Standing burns more calories than sitting down for long periods. Before long, you may even drop a pant size without noticing!

2. Sit-Stand Desks

Standing for long periods of time can be just as harmful as sitting. If you use your office desk for hours on end, which way do you go? Enter the sit-stand desk. It provides just the right combination of sitting and standing, which keeps your body moving throughout the day. You can adjust them however you like.

3. Treadmill Desks

A treadmill desk looks exactly as it sounds – it’s a walking or cycling treadmill literally attached to a desk. It may not replace your workout routine, but this type of desk certainly curtails the health risks of prolonged sitting. A caveat: treadmill desks are significantly more expensive than the average Joe desktop. But if it saves the annual cost of a gym membership plus transportation, why not?

4. ‘Hot’ Desks

What’s a ‘hot’ desk, you ask? It’s the latest office desk trend, of course! Instead of working at the same desk all the time, employees share a small area of desks and chairs with other coworkers. The drawback to this tactic is the lack of personal space and the potential for workers to feel more ‘unsettled.’ The benefits, however, are quite rewarding – more collaboration, fewer territorial quarrels, and more opportunity to move around.

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